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Ribcraft Boat Adventure

Explore secluded beaches and secret snorkel spots, swim with playful spinner dolphins, watch a manta ray glide through the water or you might even come face to face with a green sea turtle. 2 hour minimum, 14 passenger maximum.

Price: $150 per adult / $125 per child*

Private trips also available for $800/hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Add On activities for the private Ribcraft trip:

  • Scooters-additional fee applies
  • Subwings-water wing pulled behind boat for “flying” underwater-additional fee applies
  • Banana Bus-tube pulled behind boat/holds 10 passengers-additional fee applies

Whale Watch

Watch as humpback whales migrate to the warm Hawaiian waters. They come here each winter to have their babies and play. Hear their calls while on your adventure. (Season runs from January to March.) 1.5 hours, 14 passengers maximum.

Price: $150 per adult / $125 per child*

1-Person and 2-Person Outrigger Canoe

Our Alaka’i will teach you the basics of paddling and steering a small outrigger canoe.  Once you are comfortable you enjoy unlimited access (during operation hours) during your stay. Ages 12 and up.

Price: $150 per person includes unlimited use during your stay
Also available is one hour guided 1 on 1 training paddles with our Alaka’i.  $300 per hour.

4-Person and 6-Person Outrigger Canoe

Our Alaka’i steersman will lead you on a signature Hualālai experience.  Explore the Kaūpūlehu coast just as Hawaiian Ali‘i (chiefs) did in ancient times.  Great adventure for the family. Maximum 5 passengers per canoe.

Price: $300 per hour per canoe.

Keiki Canoe

Spend time in a 4-man outrigger canoe with the Alaka‘i Nalu and learn or improve your paddling skill. The outrigger canoe which traditionally was used for transportation and a means to fish is now used for canoe racing and pleasure. Please contact Kids for All Seasons at ext. 8800 to book.


Take advantage of our complimentary snorkel gear, including prescription masks, to explore the world waiting just under the surface of the water. Hover above vibrant corals and shoals of kaleidoscopic fish just a short swim from the shore. Swim up close and personal with tropical fish and even honu or dolphins if you’re lucky! Complimentary snorkel equipment including fins, snorkels and masks are available through the Alaka’i Nalu and at King’s Pond. Snorkel before 10 a.m. for optimal visibility.

Snorkeling at Kūkio Bay (7:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.)
Price: Complimentary

Scooter Snorkel

One of our most popular guided morning activities.  Skim the surface or effortlessly free dive to view the marine life and reef up close.  Two types of scooters available.

Trip duration 1 hour
Price: $150 or $300 per person depending on scooter type
Minimum age 12


New at Hualālai Resort with the Alaka‘i Nalu is a new innovative way to see the ocean called subwinging. Here you will glide like a dolphin or spin underwater while holding on to a carbon fiber dual wing connected with a rotatable swivel that allows you to hold on with one hand on each wing as you are under the water or on the surface. You can easily maneuver the subwing by tilting both wings downward to dive and upward to resurface. Once you try this you’ll be hooked…

Subwing is an add on activity for the Private Ribcraft Adventure.

Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)

This sport is still considered fairly new but continues to gain in popularity. Come SUP paddle in the morning hours and glide over the sea life below.  Dolphins swim by the resort daily and it’s common for encounters in the bay during the morning hours.

Price: $150 per person and includes unlimited use during your stay
Lessons provided if needed at no additional cost.
Beginner to Advanced boards available
Minimum age 12

Onewheel Turf Surf

An experience unique to Four Seasons Hualalai.  Join one of the Alaka’i crew to “carve” the golf course on a “one wheel” board.  A mixture of surfing and snow boarding but on an award winning golf course. For the adventurous and athletic only.

Trips are available at 7:00am and 8:30am only
Trip duration 1 hour
Price: $150 per person
Minimum age 12